Critical Links Partners with Encyclopaedia Britannica

June 12, 2012


The Critical Links Education Appliance will deliver Britannica’s “Enciclopedia Juvenil” to schools in Latin America


Critical Links, a pioneer in delivering Information & Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure solutions for School 2.0 – the next-generation of schools, announced today that it has partnered with Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., a leader in education publishing, to deliver the Enciclopedia Juvenil on its Education Appliance™ to schools in Latin America.

The Enciclopedia Juvenil will be available for purchase on the Critical Links Education Appliance™. This content will be hosted locally on the Education Appliance™, enabling access to a much wider community.

Based on the Intel® Learning Series (ILS), the Critical Links Education Appliance™ is the world’s first purposebuilt education server that essentially provides a ‘School ICT Cloud’, with all the vital IT capabilities required in the next generation of schools. In addition, it provides a flexible platform for delivering and managing media rich content, like that from Britannica.

Britannica’s Enciclopedia Juvenil is an extensive Spanish-language reference source with thousands of ageappropriate articles and images on school topics for younger students.

“We seek every way to get reliable, trustworthy information to the students of Latin America, and the Education Appliance’s simple, plug-and-play format and reasonable pricing makes this an ideal way to do it,” said Leah Mansoor, senior vice president, international business, with Encyclopaedia Britannica.

“We are honored to partner with an iconic market leader like Encyclopaedia Britannica,” said Abdul Kasim, Vice President for Worldwide Marketing & Business Development at Critical Links. “We look forward to delivering the content of Enciclopedia Juvenil on the Education Appliance™ and enable a richer and more effective learning experience in schools.”

The Critical Links Education Appliance™ has been deployed around the world, including in one of the world’s largest school modernization programs, in Portugal . More information on the Critical Links Education Appliance™ can be had from or by contacting (

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About Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. is a global leader in education publishing whose products are available in many media, including online, wireless devices and books. A pioneer in digital publishing since the early 1980s, the company markets a variety of curriculum products for schools, language-study courses, online learning services, encyclopedias and other reference works. Britannica also customizes digital learning solutions for ministries of education throughout Latin America. For more information on our products, please visit: or contact . The company headquarters is located in Chicago.

About Critical Links

Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative ICT infrastructure solutions for the next generation of Schools, with particular focus on enabling e-learning economically in challenging environments.

The Critical Links C3™ Solution dramatically simplifies the delivery of digital content anywhere – irrespective of the challenges posed by connectivity, power, lack of technical expertise or remoteness. By successfully enabling content delivery in a holistic and economical manner, the C3™ solution is proactively accelerating e-Learning endeavors around the world. More information on the complete C3™ solution can be found at Please contact for further information on Critical Links, its education portfolio and pricing.

Critical Links is an active member of the Intel Education Alliance and is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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