Critical Links Launches C3 Classroom Content Cloud Solution

October 03, 2013


Offers unprecedented access to digital content for millions of schools irrespective of the state of Internet connectivity, power stability, or technical expertise.


Critical Links, a pioneer in delivering Information & Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure solutions for the next generation of schools, announced the worldwide launch of its C3 Classroom Content Cloud Solution™ today.

The Critical Links C3 Solution was conceived to dramatically simplify the delivery of digitized content. It is the first purpose designed solution to make available media-rich content at classrooms & schools around the world, independent of the state of Internet connectivity, the stability of power supply, or availability of technical expertise.

In effect, the Critical Links C3 can quite literally be employed in any environment – rural, urban, mobile, temporary etc and it is especially attractive where Internet connectivity is limited, unreliable or expensive, and there are frequent power disruptions. It is conservatively estimated that this applies to about 70% of the schools in the world or roughly about 7+ Million schools (and at least a ten-fold number of classrooms), a huge addressable market.

In addition to the accessibility to valuable content in these challenging environments, the Critical Links C3 solution also ensures an outstanding and consistent end user experience, while precluding the need for any technical expertise to operate and manage it at the school; in fact, there is little to no intervention required at all in its daily operation.

The C3 is a holistic solution that comprises several elements: the C3 Appliance, the C3 Cloud, the C3 Content and the C3 Rapid Response, and will be available as a simple, ready-to-use bundle that can provision user-generated and other 3rd party content in the C3 Cloud; and enables efficient content delivery to C3 Appliances located at (classrooms) schools. Critical Links C3 Content offers a fast-growing menu of 3rd party commercial content in addition some free content, including the Intel education resources. Different levels of life-cycle support are provided via the C3 rapid response program.

The C3 Appliance is a compact & portable Intel-based platform that provides a local content portal and storage, and also has a built-in Wifi access point. It can work with any type of end user devices (laptops, tablets, PCs etc.) and also provides the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to allow the creation and integration of content in the context of a curriculum and lesson plans. Complete networking capability is also provided to connect to the Internet (if available).

The Critical Links C3 solution is available now. It has been successfully piloted and tested around the world. More details about the Critical Links C3 solution can be had from: education@criticallinks. com

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About Critical Links

Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative ICT infrastructure solutions for the next generation of Schools, with particular focus on enabling e-learning economically in challenging environments.

The Critical Links C3™ Solution dramatically simplifies the delivery of digital content anywhere – irrespective of the challenges posed by connectivity, power, lack of technical expertise or remoteness. By successfully enabling content delivery in a holistic and economical manner, the C3™ solution is proactively accelerating e-Learning endeavors around the world. More information on the complete C3™ solution can be found at Please contact for further information on Critical Links, its education portfolio and pricing.

Critical Links is an active member of the Intel Education Alliance and is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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