Critical Links Announces New Release of Education Micro-Cloud Platform

January 22, 2018


C3 Version 4.0 enhances content caching, infrastructure/connectivity management, and remote management for infrastructure-challenged schools worldwide

Princeton, NJ, USA

Critical Links, the leader in micro-cloud solutions for e-learning, today announced the release of version 4.0 of the C3 platform. With this new release, the C3 further extends the ability for schools anywhere to deliver world-class, globalized learning regardless of connectivity or infrastructure limitations.

C3 devices are found in over 50 countries globally, enabling students worldwide to benefit from the e-learning experience. Even in remote or disaster-stricken areas, schools deliver learning management, globalized content, and curated curriculum even when their school has limited or no network connectivity or power. C3 Version 4.0 extends these capabilities by enhancing the content caching, infrastructure/connectivity management, and remote management aspects of the platform.

For content caching, the C3 now caches HTTPS as well as HTTP content for students from approved sites, enabling students to benefit from content-rich sites directly from their classroom even if the school has extremely limited connectivity. Combined with the C3 Cloud offline content caching, students have global knowledge at their fingertips regardless of infrastructure challenges.

From an infrastructure management perspective, the C3 allows regions and districts to easily manage a vast number of C3-enabled schools with fewer resources, acting as a full Active Directory compatible domain controller, supporting group policies and single sign-on for C3 users – even with non-Windows devices such as Chromebooks. For connectivity management, the C3 platform now delivers LTE modem support for schools with no ‘hard line’ connection, as well as bandwidth, web filtering and internet access control by user profile, allowing better management of the precious connection resource.

For centralized administration of geographically distributed C3 devices, the C3 Cloud now allows the distribution and application of updates, configurations, and security parameters over internet connections. This centralized management paradigm supports both C3 as well as connected devices; i.e. student Chromebook updates can be identified, cached locally, and applied to connected devices without requiring students to use bandwidth to download individual updates. The C3 Cloud platform can become the central administration and management point for devices across an entire region or country.

“Nowhere is the digital divide more evident than in the education sector – and an entire generation of young people could pay the price for that,” stated Paulo Costa, Vice President of Sales for Critical Links. “We’re pleased the C3 is being accepted as the way to bridge that gap, delivering world-class content and learning to the millions of students thirsting for it.”

About Critical Links

Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative e-learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools, especially in challenging environments.

The Critical Links C3™ is proactively accelerating e-learning around the world as it dramatically simplifies the delivery of digital learning anywhere – irrespective of the challenges from lack of connectivity, power, or technical expertise. More information on the C3™ solution can be found at

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