Critical Links and Modern Robotics Enable Next-Gen of Robotics Labs for Education

January 29, 2018


Companies combine technology, services, content, training into complete robotics labs solution for education regardless of infrastructure limitations


Critical Links, the leader in micro-cloud solutions for technology enabled education, and Modern Robotics, a developer of educational and competition robotics, today announced an initiative to enable the next-generation of robotics education for schools and universities, providing completely integrated and ready to use robotics lab environments. These end-to-end solutions combine a robotics education curriculum, a structured eLearning system, and an IoT robotics gateway, all pre-staged on Critical Links’ C3™ micro-cloud classroom environment. This closed-loop configuration enables schools to provide a state-of-the-art robotics eLearning experience for students that gives real-time access to pertinent educational content at same time as they control robots and machines. Regardless of the school/classroom infrastructure, Wi-Fi network, or Internet connection, this integrated solution provides everything needed to enable the next generation of robotic eLearning labs.

“Both Critical Links and Modern Robotics are focused on providing integrated solutions to drive the ability to learn new skill sets, which requires intensive usage of both technology and programing skills,” stated Charles Foley, Chairman of the Board for Critical Links. “This demands valid, relevant, and appropriate content, curriculum, and tools be available to students, anywhere, anytime – regardless of networking or infrastructure limitations faced by the school or even the region.”

With applications for IoT on the rise, robotics is increasingly being taught to students globally across subject areas including science, math, logic and language. The emergence of robotics lab learning centers helps motivate students to learn while enjoying the process, driving better results. The Modern Robotics MyBot-Hub lab solutions allow an easily delivered and consumed learning environment that combines structured learning, relevant content, research materials, and learning exercises coupled with live robot device interaction all through the C3-enabled classroom micro-cloud. With the C3 micro-cloud approach, the challenges imposed by local school infrastructure and network restrictions disappear as students get everything they need from their devices instantly through a single, streamlined interface.

“We’re excited about the ability to deliver a closed-loop learning environment that isn’t subject to external issues such as network limitations or internet restrictions in a school or classroom,” stated Stephen Barker, CEO of Modern Robotics. “This method of delivering ‘plug and play’ integrated learning environments will be key to meeting the rapidly growing demand for this new skill set.”

About Critical Links

Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative e-learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools, especially in challenging environments.

The Critical Links C3™ is proactively accelerating e-learning around the world as it dramatically simplifies the delivery of digital learning anywhere – irrespective of the challenges from lack of connectivity, power, or technical expertise. More information on the C3™ solution can be found at

About Modern Robotics

Modern Robotics designs, manufactures and distributes a wide collection of electronic products used for educational and hobby robotics. The company has a dedicated team of engineers and support staff who are dedicated to creating an extensive collection of controllers, sensors and other accessories to allow you to control your robot projects

Modern Robotics engineers have many years of experience in electronic and mechanical design and have created products for a wide range of companies worldwide.

For further information, please visit


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