C3 Micro-Cloud is Recognized as a “Trendsetter” and “Cool Tool” Finalist at EdTech Awards 2021

Global Education Sector Recognizes Greatest Contributors in Transforming Education Through Technology

Princeton, NJ, USA – 30 April 2021 – Critical Links, the leader in micro-cloud solutions for e-learning, today announced that C3 Micro Cloud was selected as a finalist in the “Cool Tool” as well as the “Trendsetter” categories for the second consecutive year at the prestigious 2021 Edtech Awards.

The EdTech Awards is the largest and most competitive award program in the field of education technology throughout the world and features the best implementations of technology in the sector by shining a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters across various educational sectors. Products and people are recognized for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

The C3 Micro-Cloud is a self-contained cloud-enabled learning environment that presents a complete e-learning environment – including content, learning applications, curriculum, and other resources – to students and teachers even in schools that may not have any upstream connection to the Internet. Regional and global standardization of quality education is achieved by allowing e-Learning resources such as texts, videos, learning games, and applications, etc. to be centrally curated in the C3 Cloud Control administrative portal by those responsible for curriculum; those resources are then accessed by any authorized C3 Micro-Cloud whenever network link becomes available.  Successful 2020 implementations of the technology have increased the awareness of how these micro-cloud architectures bring significant added benefit to hybrid learning paradigms by enabling a consistent learning experience regardless of whether students are learning remotely or in-classroom.

“2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how dependent we all are on digital technologies to communicate, work and learn.  While we are pleased that our C3 Micro-Cloud has been recognized yet again by the EdTech Awards team as both a Cool Tool and a Trendsetter product, 2020 showed us that the task of digital transformation in education globally isn’t done yet,” said Charles Foley, Chairman of Critical Links. “We believe that the micro-clouds for education are a key piece in the equation of allowing any school, anywhere to deliver a high level of real-time e-Learning, making the difference for millions of students around the world by connecting them to knowledge and opportunity.”

The C3 Micro-Cloud is enabling change and driving digital transformation globally by enabling students access to learning content in the most remote places of our planet, regardless internet connectivity or infrastructure. This solution is now in use in more than sixteen thousand schools worldwide, reaching more than 7 million students and helping their educational systems to bridge the digital divide in education in their countries.

About Critical Links

Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative ICT infrastructure solutions for the next generation of Schools, with particular focus on enabling e-learning economically in challenging environments.

The Critical Links C3™ Solution dramatically simplifies the delivery of digital content anywhere – irrespective of the challenges posed by connectivity, power, lack of technical expertise or remoteness. By successfully enabling content delivery in a holistic and economical manner, the C3™ solution is proactively accelerating e-Learning endeavors around the world. More information on the complete C3™ solution can be found at http://c3.critical-links.com. Please contact sales@critical-links.com for further information on Critical Links, its education portfolio and pricing.