Digital transformation in Chile rural schools with the C3 Micro-Cloud

The “País Digital” Foundation, with the technical support of the Chilean Ministry of Education, is developing the “Prendo & Aprendo” initiative, which was created for rural schools that struggle with a lack of connectivity.

In November 2020, several C3 Micro-Cloud units were delivered to 8 rural schools in Nascimento. The event took place at the “El Saber” school with the presence of the head of DAEM, Claudio Guíñez; the regional ministerial secretary of Education, Fernando Peña, and the provincial head of Education, Sergio Manzano, as well as teachers from the beneficiary schools and the principal of the host school, Marcia Chávez, among other guests.

During the ceremony, the Seremi of Education highlighted the importance of the C3 Micro-Cloud to enriching the hybrid teaching-learning process which was developed (largely remotely) during the current school year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The planned contribution will benefit a total of 47 educational units across the Biobío Region.

Over the next few months, this initiative will expand to cover 398 schools in Chile, enabling all of these students to use world-class digital content and e-Learning tools in their classes, even without internet connectivity.

We can’t wait to see how this project will provide greater opportunities for students in the near future, improving education in Chile and better prepare students for the future!

The C3 Micro-Cloud provides local Wi-Fi infrastructure, applications and cached content to accomplish specific tasks even if the school’s internet connection is down. Learning guides, videos, e-books and other resources are cached on the micro-cloud, so that they are always available for the e-Learning process regardless of “upstream” network connectivity.