Educational Technology Trends we should follow in 2023

The education sector is rapidly evolving, changing a number of traditional teaching methodologies in a way that may completely revolutionize the way teachers teach, as well as how students learn.  It’s no surprise that the evolution of technology is at the root of many of these changes.  Further, with the benefits being so apparent, it only makes sense that teachers are finding new and creative ways to adopt new technologies and approaches in their classrooms.

We highlighted some of the emerging trends in educational technology and methodologies that will play an important role in 2023. Read on to discover each of them.

  • Gamified Learning: Gamification is one educational approach that aims to motivate students by incorporating video game design and game elements into the learning process. Students can play games while they are learning, practice their skills and, check their performance. At the same time, gamification has a positive impact on social skills, as students learn how to behave under competitive conditions. This approach keeps learners interested in their studies by giving them a sense of purpose and achievement.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how the world works and has been implemented in nearly every industry – education is no exception, and more and more teachers are beginning to integrate this technology into their classrooms. However, contrary to what is often thought, AI will not replace the need for human interaction in the classroom, but it can help to automate the learning process while making it more pleasant and less effort-consuming.  AI-based interactive tools can allow students to ask questions and get answers even when teachers are busy, to get greater clarify on instructions and projects, or even to get an overview of their performance in a given subject area. For teachers, AI is like having an always-there assistant that takes responsibility for extra tasks, such as grading assignments or answering common questions. 
  • Robotics: Robotics remains among the top education technology trends in 2023, as it has become a priority in modern education globally. Working on a robot has proven to stimulate students’ ability to develop their engineering intuition, enhances creative problem-solving-techniques, encourages the development of communication when done in teams, and builds the ability to collaborate and convey complex ideas.  Robotics are being seen as a perfect way to transform abstract knowledge into concrete results. The use of robots in the classroom also develops students’ technical and creative skills that are proving to be crucial in many professional areas as we all prepare for the evolving jobs of tomorrow. 
  • VR-Based and AR-Based Learning: VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) also are the current trends in educational technology that are gaining ground and making fast progress. Virtual Reality allows users to immerse themselves into the conditions of artificially constructed reality and, Augmented Reality provides learners with a facilitated view of an object. This technology provides students with a space where they can learn complex concepts and gain learning experience in low-risk virtual settings, making it possible to simulate situations that might not be possible or desirable to do in real life. 

It is expected that these technologies become even more popular around the education community in 2023 and beyond, leveraging the learning methods for the next level and better preparing students for their future. 

Are you using some of these edtech trends at your school? Are you preparing your students for the future?