C3™ is the microCloud solution for schools around the World! Check out how it helps schools leverage content.

Achieving effective e-Learning

C3 Highlights

Easy to use

Plug & Play, no IT skills required

Cloud content

Content synchronization from cloud.

Local content

Locally upload your own content

Content diversity

Web content, wikipedias, off-line videos

Hardware options

Adaptable to a classroom or school

Networking & security

Internet gateway, routing, firewall and web caching


Easy branding and additional software installation


Embedded WiFi access point

and more...

User profiles, each with its specific set of capabilities and personalized home page.
Each user profile can, optionally, have associated a list of allowed Internet sites.
Moodle is preloaded on C3, enabling course assignments and grading of students. Also includes cloud-based sync of Moodle/SCORM courses.