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C3 Micro-Cloud Questions -  

What is a micro-cloud?

A micro-cloud is a self-contained, cloud environment that allows the provisioning of content, resources, and management to local users without an upstream connection to the internet.  In the digital learning world, this would be a micro-cloud for education, allowing local connection to the micro-cloud by students and teachers and allows the use of a Learning Management System, approved curriculum and content, even if there is no actual upstream internet connection.

What are the basic requirements of a micro-cloud for education?

In order to qualify as a micro-cloud for education, the solution must have all of the basic functions to truly enable the e-Learning experience. This would include wireless access to the micro-cloud instance by both students and teachers, a localized LMS, embedded curriculum and content, and the ability to house additional HTTP and HTTPS resources.  From an infrastructure perspective, the micro-cloud should have a battery backup to enable it to 'ride out' short power outages without disrupting the e-Learning process, and it should be able to be managed from a single cloud-resident instance for a network of schools (for both curriculum, content, and systems/user management).

Micro-Cloud Questions -  

Do I need to have Internet to use C3 Micro-Cloud?

No, in the C3 Micro-Cloud architecture Internet connectivity is optional. In locations without Internet connection, the C3 Micro-Cloud creates a rich, localized e-Learning environment which includes wireless access to the micro-cloud instance by both students and teachers, a localized Learning Management System (LMS), embedded curriculum and content, access control and user/profile policies.  Updates and additions to the curriculum and content can be made by removeable media.

Can I use C3 Micro-Cloud if I already have an Wi-Fi infrastructure?

Yes, the C3 Micro-Cloud is actually designed to integrate into your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure if present. However, if your Wi-Fi has a poor signal or speed, or intermittent outages, you can use the C3 Micro-Cloud model with embedded Wi-Fi Access Point to address these issues and offer a digital education experience over this local Wi-Fi network, customized and prepared for this kind of environment.

Where C3 Micro-Cloud can be used?

The C3 Micro-Cloud can be used in any environment to create an e-Learning space, from kindergarten/K-12 to colleges/universities (in both public and private markets). Companies can benefit from the C3 Micro-Cloud implementation, also, to create learning spaces for employees in remote locations, highly secure environments, or temporary locations.

Do I need any specific device to have access to C3 Micro-Cloud?

No, the C3 Micro-Cloud is compatible with any 802.11 WiFi-enabled user device: Windows PCs, Chromebooks, IOS devices, Android devices and even smartphone devices.

Who are the C3 Micro-Cloud users?

C3 Micro-Cloud users can be roughly broken into two groups: educators, and their students.  Educators (teachers, administrator, etc.) benefit from the C3 Micro-Cloud by having a complete, integrated learning environment from which to teach, including class management, lesson management, resource provisioning, etc.  Students benefit from the ability to leverage a complete e-Learning environment with a structured learning process, up-to-date digital curriculum and content, and rich media resources to ensure an engaging learning experience – all regardless of the quality of network connectivity available in the facility.

Can I add my own content or third part content into C3 Micro-Cloud?

Yes, you can easily upload your own (or third-party) content into the C3 Micro-Cloud.  This can be done locally, or via the C3 Cloud interface.  The C3 Micro-Cloud supports any kind of files or static web pages.

Does the C3 Micro-Cloud only come as a hardware appliance?

The C3 Micro-Cloud is a complete, end-to-end software solution spanning the local micro-cloud (for classroom and school functions) to the central cloud console (for content curation, distribution, and management).   It can be deployed either as an appliance or as a software build for customer-provided servers that meet the required specifications.  However, the C3 Micro-Cloud is normally delivered in an appliance footprint for ease of deployment and use.

How many users can a C3 Micro-Cloud support?

The C3 software does not have a hard limit on the number of users that it will support, architecturally.  When delivered as an appliance, the C3 hardware platforms are each targeted for a maximum audience size, ranging from 50 to 1,000.  These specifications can be found in the product data sheets.

Content and LMS Questions -  

What information is cached locally on the C3 Micro-Cloud for students to access and use?

The C3 Micro-Cloud can locally cache content, curriculum, and even website resources (HTTP and HTTPS) for use by students even when the upstream network connection is limited or out of service.

Is there a Learning Management System (LMS) that is provided with the C3 Micro-Cloud, or that is approved for us?

The C3 Micro-Cloud comes with Foundation LMS, a basic learning management system which provides student and teacher resources to enable the e-Learning experience.  For more advanced requirements, the C3 Micro-Cloud ships with Moodle - a leading LMS - to allow more advanced implementations of the e-Learning experience.

Can I cache videos from internet on a C3 Micro-Cloud?

The C3 Mirco-Cloud is unique in its ability to cache not only customer-provided and open source content files, but HTTP and HTTPS resources, as well.  Videos from the internet can be cached on the C3 Micro-Cloud, to avoid the requirement of downloading each time the video resource is used (according to certain policies of video websites). However, there must be at least a limited bandwidth connection available at the time of launch to allow authentication and preservation of metadata and statistics.

C3 Cloud Questions -  

Is the C3 Cloud hosted by Critical Links, or do we need to have our own cloud provider?

Either modes are available.  Critical Links hosts the C3 Cloud for customers enabling e-Learning worldwide; however, many larger deployments choose to house their own C3 Cloud repository (and portal) either in a private (datacenter) or public cloud environment.

How many C3 Micro-Clouds can be supported by a single C3 Cloud instance?

The C3 Micro-Cloud was designed to be a massively scalable solution, allowing the deployment of digital learning across an entire country or region.  As a result, content placed in the C3 Cloud repository by a given administrative authority is available to a virtually unlimited number of authorized C3 Micro-Clouds in the region.


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